Ilima Intermediate School

UPLINK Summer 2019

Students collaborate with POW WOW Mural Artist Jesse Velasquez

Building D

Building E


These themes tie in with honoring past, being cognizant of our present and looking forward to a future for our students and the community.

lima's UPLINK - After-School Center for Enrichment Program works to teach students new skills and activities while

assisting them academically.


Our program is aimed to provide our students with healthy and safe activities after school. All classes include Tutoring Services and Teen Character-Building, which are courses designed to educate students on skills that would enhance their self-esteem and promote good decision-making. We hope that registered students will make good and productive use of these supplemental components of the program. Enrollment will be based on a first come, first serve basis until available spaces for specific classes are filled. Optional program choices and schedules will be given to students who register by their optional program advisor.


Please contact our UPLINK Site Coordinator Dione Hulen at (808) 687-9300 or for additional information.